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Before and After

Before and After: 1976 Camper

Assignment: Convert a classic 1976 Go Tag-A-Long camper into a portable outdoor wine bar for events and weddings.
Kenni Bulger is the proud owner of The Carriage House (www.thecarriagehousehouston.com), a gorgeous event property located just minutes from The Woodlands, Texas.
The newest addition to the property is the outdoor wine bar Go Tag-A-Long conversion crafted by the experts at Land Yacht Motor Werks.

Not much holding this together.

Go Tag Along 1

Nice 70's paneling.

Go Tag Along 2

Reinforcing the walls.

Go Tag Along 3

Adding insulation.

Go Tag Along 4

Much better.

Go Tag Along 5

Yes, that's more like it.

Go Tag Along 6

Removable chop block sink covers.

Go Tag Along 7

Kick stand serving windows.

Go Tag Along 8

All fixtures run on shore power.

Go Tag Along 9

All closed up.

Go Tag Along 10

Goodbye rusty rims.

Go Tag Along 11

Ready to roll.

Go Tag Along 12

No job too big or too small.

Go Tag Along 13

Michael Alpha - General Manager

Go Tag Along 14

Floor Plans