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Full Van Open

Customized Luxury Sprinters.

Land Yacht Motor Werks is a custom Mercedes-Benz Sprinter outfitter where each van is built to our client’s exact specifications. You can customize your own van or fleet of vans with a wide range of premium upgrades.
Using the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter as the foundation, our customers create a customizable transportation solution suitable for virtually any lifestyle or portable business venture.
We also redo the interiors of cars, boats, school buses, and other RV's with custom upholstered chairs, couches, and other features.

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Cool Awning

Why Choose Land Yacht?

You can make your dream build become a reality by using our resources. This is why Land Yacht's sound dampening and insulation package, along with our upholstered custom built cabinets and furnishings, make our ride as quiet and solid as an S-class sedan.
We set ourselves apart from our competitors by maintaining the distinctive quality of a Mercedes-Benz by using only the highest quality materials in every aspect of the build out. Our upholstery material has a 2.5 million rub factor, which means that it lasts a lifetime, or more!

Check out our New Builds Blog!