Electrical / Plumbing

Upholstered Driver's Seat
Your Electrical Options
Power System - 1,200, 5,000, 10,000, and 15,000 watt options.
Inputs - shore, alternator, solar.
Outputs - 120VAC and 12VDC.
Lithium Batteries - for double the amp hours.
Solar Power - to keep your batteries topped off.
Power Outlets - USB-A & USB-C chargers.

Water Tank Level Meters
Your Plumbing Options
Shower - indoor and outdoor options.
Sink - stainless steel.
12V water pump - for your traveling convenience.
Fresh water tank - up to 37 gallons.
Gray water tank - up to 25 gallons.
Tank heater pads - for your northern trips.
Tank level gauges - for your convenience.
Bosch water heater - five gallons, the top of the line.
Portable toilet - with a black water tank.

Your Upholstery/Headliner